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Facts about CBD

The natural way of healing

Recently discovered possibilities of innovative use of CBD in medicine and pharmacology were proven to be quite powerful and practical thanks to its antioxidant, rejuvenating, analgesic and soothing properties.

CBD stimulates the activity of the endocannabinoid system and reduces the effects of free radicals, which in turn contributes to calming, anti-inflammatory and pain-killing effects.

One of the fastest ways to consume CBD is in the form of vape. When inhaling vapor with this organic extract, it starts working on the molecular level immediately. It’s ensured by the maximum absorption through the lungs. CBD compounds do not have to travel through the digestive system to get into your bloodstream. That’s why vaping promotes much faster absorption and causes quick effect.

Relieve Pain and Ease Anxiety

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Meet PhenoPen

PhenoPen is one of the most innovative vaporizer pens on the market to help you relieve stress and feel better. Created from high quality ecological materials, PhenoPen gives you an opportunity to benefit from the most efficient way of CBD consumption. CBD compounds interact with nervous receptors and help affect emotional swings and different types of pain. Moreover, there is no systemic impact on the body and absence of side effects. Here are some more of the healing effects of PhenoPen:

  • Better sleep and feel
  • Low chemo side effects
  • Alleviated chronic pain
  • Improved bone health

PhenoPen is an upscale vaping device which consists of a battery pack and a cartridge. When the device is used, the battery heats up the component, that turns the contents of the e-liquid into vapor. Moreover, this vaporizer is equipped with a vibration during use to replicate the feeling of inhaling and a light to indicate when it’s time to charge.

A smooth and comfortable mouthpiece connected to an advanced cartridge with ceramic heating element to avoid impact with extract. Each cartridge is sealed, tamper proof, and contains 0.5 ML of 100% pure CBD extract. The cartridges are conveniently disposable and you can get an access to the constant supply of them. Go for the most suitable refilling plan of disposable cartridges and start enjoying all the benefits of CBD vaping right away.

Natural Way To Fight Stress And Pain

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Amazing Benefits with PhenoPen

An exquisite and neat pocket-size electronic vape device designed to get the most health benefits out of CBD liquid extract.

Relieves Pain

Lowers chronic pain and reduces inflammation symptoms

Treats Depression

Helps decrease anxiety and boost energy levels for better feel

Improves Health

Has a good impact on bone and cardiovascular health in general

Reduces Migraine

Alleviates headaches and other painful symptoms efficiently

Fights Insomnia

 Helps enjoy the high quality deep sleep and reduces fatigue

Boost Your Health and Reduce Stress

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Why PhenoPen is the Right Choice

Premium quality and healing effects on your body

The PhenoPen is the most original and innovative vaporizer pen on the market. This neat, sophisticated, pocket-size electronic vape device is created to maximize the effects of natural e-liquids.

Those who enjoy vaping can also benefit by solving numerous medicinal issues. Active compounds of CBD, such as Cannabigerol, Cannabinol, and others react with our body cells by neutralizing numerous symptoms on different levels.

  • Psychological

    Reducing anxiety and treating attention deficit disorder

  • Cellular

    Easing chemotherapy side effects and improving bone health

  • Neurological

    Neutralizing heavy headaches and curing chronic fatigue

  • Ophthalmological

    Lessening glaucoma and other eye disease symptoms

Bone strength
Eye health
Anxiety relief
Energy boost

Pain Free Body and Positive Attitude

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from inflammation and tension to emotional disorders


Satisfied Customers about PhenoPen

Claire, 26

PhenoPen became my top one favorite product last year. I love vaping, plus the CBD extract helps me with my anxiety issues and headaches. They are gone, as well as my panic attacks. Would definitely recommend it!

Sonia, 32

I’ve been suffering from chronic pain syndrome for a couple of years now. My sister gave me PhenoPen as a present to help me cope with chronic pain. I was surprised that vape can be so effective and organic at the same time.

Joe, 40

I’ve tried many different brands and flavors. But the best thing was PhenoPen. It’s smooth and high-quality. In addition, I really like that I get a new package of cartridges every month, so I never run out of them.

  • Stress-free life
  • Improved sleep
  • Stronger health